Learning to Teach to Learn


My name is Frankie Robinson and I teach in the Atlanta area. Learning is fascinating to me in all capacities. I’d love to say that I am a sponge, but I also fear that I forget easily. With that in mind, I have decided to take to blogging and archiving my “learning-curve”. I have much to learn, and I have much to remember. I hope that this tool will help me in that process.

So, who am I? What makes me interesting?

I grew up in Georgia about thirty minutes from Atlanta. Born and raised. However, I spent nearly every summer with my grandparents in Osaka, Japan. I grew up bilingual, although English is my native language.

To paint a very small picture of my life, my comfort foods consist of grits and bacon or miso soup and rice. Maybe I should mention that I love food, and I love analogies with food. Insert food emojis here.

Also, I am almost always starting a new hobby. Currently, I am learning how to code websites, use Adobe Captivate, facilitate The Educator’s Book Club, and sew dresses for my baby girl. Oh! And I’m starting this blog. Clearly, I can’t sit still for long.

More information can be found on the About page, as well.

Thanks for reading!


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