30 Great Ignitions and Bridges

I am a creature of habit. My grocery list is pretty similar week to week. I have a favorite seat in the living room. Every fall, I begin to crochet. Every January, I pack up my needles and yarn. I am a creature of habit.

But, I fight it. Having a routine gives me peace of mind. Routines give students peace of mind. But a routine can be boring in lesson plans. Sure, my routine in the classroom with transitions and schedules should be consistent, but the content of my plans should be engaging and fun. And here lies the struggle.

Independently, I struggle with opening every lesson with a new, fresh take. I may start a unit out with a big bang, but, five days into a math lesson, I begin to run out of fun intro ideas. I hit a rut, and usually turn to Pinterest. I love Pinterest. But have any of you noticed that some of the ideas on Pinterest are just… cute? Adorable, interactive intros with not much academic meat to it’s bones. It’s simply cute and somewhat related to the subject you are teaching.

I have such a hard time incorporating these activities in the classroom. Where is the critical thinking? Where is the problem solving? What true value does this activity have? Which leaves me back at square one… Until now!

Margie Pearse, co-author of Teaching Numeracy, provided this wonderful list of ignitions and bridges for math lessons! This list will definitely stay next to my plan book as a reference guide for creating engaging and thought-provoking intros. Just click on the picture below to view the file!

ignitions and bridges.001


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