10369070_10101440715995617_7008853336851188767_oMy journey to becoming a teacher began when I was five years old. My kindergarten teacher, Ms. Preston, wore an ABC vest. You know. The one complete with the 123s and yellow school bus? I absolutely adored that vest and told my five year old self that I would become a teacher. Only teachers can wear that vest, obviously. Fast forward twenty-two years, and I became a kindergarten teacher. I taught K for two wonderful years. And, no, I never bought or wore an ABC vest. They aren’t quite as popular as they once were in the 90s, I suppose.

I love teaching, and am excited to return to a classroom setting after spending this past year at home with my daughter. I had originally planned on returning to graduate school, but it was an expense we couldn’t afford, at the time. So I decided to start a book club for teachers on-line.

The Educator’s Book Club. When it began, we had about thirty-four members and I was astounded. Imagine my disbelief when I look at the number of members now. We are climbing towards 1000 members! We read, we discuss, and we learn together. I’m excited to say that we have had some authors join in some of the discussions as well. These authors have brought so much to the discussions and have enhanced the experience so much! We can be followed @edsbookclub on Twitter, as well.

I truly believe that teaching and education is my calling. I love the constantly-changing nature of the field and the excitement my colleagues and I have when planning and implementing lessons.

My goal is to post once a week with education related subjects. Many posts may be related to The Educator’s Book Club and any upcoming events we may have.

Thank you for visiting my blog!


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through this form, Facebook, or Twitter.


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