Interactive Calendar Journal Songs

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I recently just uploaded a new document on TPT, Interactive Calendar Journal, and thought I would add a couple songs I used during calendar this past year. Unfortunately, when I got a new laptop, I lost many of my calendar songs I had on ITunes and can’t seem to remember my password. You can imagine my disappointment at the beginning of last year. So, I instead decided to use YouTube. I understand that many of you may not be able to use YouTube, but I have heard of people somehow saving the videos to their computers. I have no idea how to do this, but it could be an option… Anyhow, here are the videos/songs I used during Calendar Time.  Months of the Year Okay, so I just discovered this first one and LOVE IT! I wish I discovered it sooner! It’s a fresh take on the Months of the Year, and, frankly, the Macarena version is getting old to me.

 But we still sung the Macarena version, if you would like. Days of the Week We didn’t always use videos to accompany journal time. Sometimes, due to a time crunch, we would sing the “classics”, as I call them. Most children learn these in pre-k, so we breeze through the songs fairly quickly.  Adam’s Family Days of the Week

 I’m not sure the name of this one, but here’s a video from 1993!

 I didn’t play a video for the above songs. We simply sang those by heart. Sometimes we sang them using funny voices though. Now, here are some videos I did play or wish I discovered sooner.

This video is from The Learning Station. They have other great songs, too! I am LOVING these Story Bots!! I’m so sad I missed out on these this past year…

I, mean, come on. This is awesome! (Sorry, this is about planets, not calendar.)

Okay, back to Calendar.

Counting I taught kindergarten, so we counted every day. Every day. So, as you can imagine, that can get old very quickly for both me and the students. Finding a fun way to do this was imperative! A couple ideas are to say them with funny voices, like robot, monster, and squeaky. I’ve heard coworkers do rockstar and opera. Haha! I’m not much of a singer, so my students probably wouldn’t have made the connection with me. I also worked with a teacher who would clap the numbers, but they kids had to watch her rhythm. If she didn’t clap, they shouldn’t count. The kids loved this and would always try to prove that she couldn’t trick them.  Here are some videos as well. My Co-Teacher last year had the students stand, dance, and sing along with some of these. I loved to sing this towards the end of Calendar after they have been active and energized. It’s calming and helps with transitioning to the next activity.

Dance, dance, dance!

Let’s Get Fit Counting to 100 by 1’s!

Count by Tens The kids LOVED this one! It’s by Have Fun Teaching. They have other great songs, too!

I find this one to be catchy and cute. And simple. The simplicity is what makes it most appealing to me. Sometimes, I like the catchy tunes that really get the kids excited, but sometimes you need something simple and to the point.

Counting by 5s When you notice you have some wiggle worms in your class, let them shake it out with this video from Have Fun Teaching. 

These are most of the videos and digital songs we played during calendar time. The rest of the time was used completing the activity pages in our Interactive Journals. If you would like to check out the Journal, check out my TPT website. Thanks for reading! And have fun with calendar time!